Dolls are no longer just for girls! Dragon Models Limited has extended the traditional boundaries and norms by introducing a sister brand “mimo” for figures, dolls, accessories and other collectibles which was launched at the 2005 Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong. The mimo brand will be available at UML (Universal Models Limited), Hong Kong’s largest hobby retail store.

Taking Hong Kong's youth culture as its inspiration, "mimo" has paired up two main characters named Mimi and Momo. They are good friends but each possesses a very different and unique personality. Self-confident and outspoken Mimi and a rather shy Momo reflects the teen pop culture it stands today with influences from Japanese, Korean and western concepts. With their love in jetsetting all over the world and updates on social networks, it diversified their cultural experiences and preferences in food, music, language and fashion.

mimo dolls allow consumers to express their individuality and imagination through mixing and matching Mimi's and Momo's outfits and accessories related to each lifestyle pack. In recent years, mimo has paired up with international and local brands for crossovers such as ebay, mi-tu and Watami just to name a few. mimo has met with an exuberant response from Hong Kong young people as well as doll lovers from all around the world!

In addition to the dolls, mimo brand has diversified into other collectible products such as Shokugan "candy toys" miniature sets, USB jewelry and mini fare card holders perfect for everyday needs!

In 2011, Dragon Models Limited has teamed up with Disney as a licensing partner to produce the first ever local Hong Kong themed Disney collectibles play sets! Dragon’s mimo creative team has designed each play set which features Disney characters in their own customized theme shops giving it a true local touch. In addition, Play Buddies Collection has also been introduced with adorable Disney character sets in a nostalgic series setting.

With the addition of Disney licensed products and other future ventures, our possibilities are endless!

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